About Us

My Truth, My Way is a project run by Your Way Through at drummond street services. We commissioned 10 disabled artists from marginalised cultural and ethnic communities to tell their stories and share anything they wanted to say about being a disabled person from a marginalised racial or ethnic community.

All too often disabled people are bombarded by abled people’s expectations for who we can be, what we can say, and how we can say it.


Your Way Through

At drummond street services, we value equity and social justice. We aim to provide trauma- informed, recovery-oriented counselling and support services to people who have been affected by the Disability Royal Commission that are accessible, client-focused and meet the needs of people with disability, their families and carers.


alice under the knowledge tree
"Alice Under the Knowledge Tree"
- Angela B
"My Truth, My Way"
- Anonymous
"My Scream"
- Dassi Herszberg
"Pelican Tears"
- Dassi Herszberg
"Surely Me"
- Dassi Herszberg
- Dassi Herszberg

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    people, guided
by communities